Award Winning Mustang Restoration

Restoration work carried out on classic Mustangs at any level to award winning / concourse. Consultation is undertaken for all work, to ensure clients understand the full scope of restoration to be carried out. Regular progress reports are provided via email with digital photography.
All work is documented and logged and on major restoration and rebuild work, a digital diary is created for each vehicle. This enables the client to have a record of work completed for the history of the vehicle. This is a strong feature of The Mustang Workshop, as we believe that the history of the car is very important.

Service & Repair

Classic and modern Mustang service and repair work carried out using genuine parts and the expertise of the Mustang Workshop. Diagnostic & SVA work carried out on modern Mustangs.

Upgrades & Modifications

Everyone is different and takes a different enjoyment from owning and driving a classic or modern Mustang. At the Mustang Workshop we take this into account when planning Upgrades and Modifications. Options include performance and handling modifications or modernisation upgrades to areas such as brakes, steering and cooling to ensure that you are able to get the best ownership experience from your Mustang.

Bodywork, Paint & Interior

In addition to mechanical upgrades the Mustang Workshop also offerpaint and bodywork services on your classic or modern Mustang, including restoration or replacement of convertible hoods.  Interior upholstery work and customer specified features such as bespoke audio or other interior details are also completed.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

As specialists within the field of American vehicles, The Mustang Workshop offer a pre-purchase inspection service. From this perspective buyers are able to have peace of mind on what they are about to embark upon purchasing and an understanding of any work required.

For further information on any of the Mustang Workshop’s services including an initial consultation on work you’d like undertaken on your Mustang please contact us.

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