BAD made GOOD !

Something different for us ,

The vehicle  suffered a minor engine fire, vehicle recovered to repairer who then stripped out the car and set about a two year fraudulent con and embezzled the full repair cost from the Insurance company and left the car dismantled and when repossessed from their premises minus thousands of pounds of original parts.

No one in their right mind would want to take on such a project !!, however having declined several times the owner on his third visit who is in his late years happened to say that he dearly wished to be able to drive it again in his lifetime . Dam that got me and that was the start of a near 12 month project. The Insurance Company were also delighted that we agreed to take this on. The vehicle was recovered to our workshop along with as many of the retrieved dismantled parts, to which a full inventory was taken and the long haul of sourcing and locating all the missing obsolete parts not to mention the headache of building a classic that someone else had already dismantled!

‘Bad made Good’ in the end and one Very Happy owner









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